Little Red Flip Switch #nyc #architecture #color

Toughannock Falls in Scale… Mother Nature is always greater than any man… #ithaca #ithacaisgorges

Waves of Light and Metal

"I drew a line,
I drew a line for you,
Oh what a thing to do,
And it was all yellow.” - Coldplay

Provence Flip

Village Light Post Sandy… #nyc #night #light

Be Like Water… #bw #blackandwhite #ithaca

My battery charger… The beauty and energy of Ithaca are extraordinary… This beautiful city, nestled in Finger Lakes region of NY has been a special place for me since I was an undergraduate student there. It’s full of many great parks and gorges, with waterfalls and swimming holes. I visit Ithaca server all times a year to recharge my emotional and spiritual battery. If you haven’t been I highly recommend a visit. #ithaca (at Buttermilk State Park)

Ithaca Is Gorges… I dare you to stare… It’s not easy to look away from the mesmerizing energy and beauty of the falling water… #ithaca #hypnotic (at Taughannock Falls)

Night Light - Long exposure night shot, taken while #Kitesurfing in #Dakhla #Morocco … (at Dakhla, Morocco)

The House that Jeter built… #Re2pect #architecureporn #nyc #BX (at Yankee Stadium)

There’s loads of great #street #art to be experienced on the streets of the city I grew up in #Rochester … This one is on Henrietta St., in the Swillburg neighborhood my family once lived in. (at Swillburg, Rochester, New York)

Hudson Flip… I experienced my first full-on life-threatening #sail this past Wednesday, on the #Hudson. There was a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until that midnight. The captain of the boat laughed when I mentione the warning. Although I raised an eyebrow at his dismissal, I trust him and his 60+ years experience as a sailor and airline pilot. So, with a slight bit of fear emulating from my amygdala, I, along with the rest of the Moonshine crew, boarded the launch which took us to Moonshine, so we could rig her up. We quickly rigged the sheets (lines) and sails, released her from the mooring and headed out to the race committee boat, which was anchored about a mile toward the center of the Hudson. (The Hudson is three miles wide between #Nyack and #Tarrytown just north of the #TappanZee bridge) All this time, uber dark, menacing clouds slowly moved east, over Nyack and the Hudson. Rumbles of thunder let us know of nature’s intention on following though with it’s plan, alerted to us by the app… As we sailed toward the committee boat the winds shifted out of te north and thickest wall of rain I’ve ever seen began to make it’s way toward the spinnaker fleet. Before we knew it, lightning was striking the Hudson and the eastern shore of #Westchester. The race was postponed… 30 minutes later, the storm had blown through and we were in the midst of a great race. Moonshine was in second place, as we rounded our second mark, now heading south, toward Nyack. We put up our large, colorful asymmetrical sail and began to diminish the lead on the first place boat, Breakaway. Then, the rain, thunder and lightning returned, and the wind stopped. The dark clouds, streaks of lightning and large raindrops were actually a beautiful sight to behold. The rain water was warm and refreshing on this tropically humid evening. We inched along, faster than Breakaway, improving our chances of catching them… I was standing on the starboard deck, working the spinnaker, and was the only crew member on Moonshine, who had a clear view of Breakaway, when suddenly, I observed Breakaway’s spinnaker explode toward her port side! To be continued… (at Nyack, NY)

"I could watch you for a lifetime
You’re my favorite movie
A thousand endings
You mean everything to me
I never know what’s comin’
Forever fascinated…” ~ Cinema (Benny Benassi) (at Brooklyn, NY)